C + G {Engagement Photographs} Sandy, Oregon Wedding Photographer

These two are getting hitched this June at a beautiful new Bed and Breakfast + Wedding Venue in my small town, The Inn at Avonlea.

I have driven past this amazing piece of property for YEARS and am so excited that it is now a bed and breakfast  and wedding venue in Sandy, Oregon on the way to Mt. Hood boasting a beautiful turn of the century farmhouse, gorgeous weathered barn with indoor reception seating and rolling pasture hills behind these structures; so in other words it’s a photographer’s wonderland.

In fact while I was there doing this session another photographer from the area saw my logo’d car in the driveway and pulled up behind me to find out more.

(Pssst… Just a friendly head’s up: This is a private property so make sure you call the owners/managers before you show up to do a shoot or meet clients there 🙂  I was able to schedule this session because the clients are getting married there and I scheduled it ahead of time). 



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