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In the first of my mentorship series I wanted to touch on a topic that is near and dear to my heart… EDITING! As photographers, many of us have a love/hate relationship with the process that turns our photos from bits of code inside of a camera into a stunning image on your screen. When my photography journey began (an undisclosed number of years ago… ahem), my process was shooting the session, dropping film at the store and waiting impatiently to pick it up (the morning after prom always took FOREVER) those dang kids today are so spoiled… 😉 Digital media means quite a bit more work in post processing than in year’s past. About two years ago with my photography business bursting at the seams, my editing process looked something more along the lines of coffee, energy drinks, more coffee, frustrated clients, missed deadlines. I was missing my summers. I was up all night working. I was not a very happy camper even though I was doing what I loved. I entertained very seriously the thought of going back to my day job.

While I love to see my images come forth on the screen and often can’t wait to post the sneak peeks on social media, my studio volume has grown to a point where I have had to create an actual process in order to be efficient, organized, and provide the best service to my clients. This process, as I also have 4 kids to raise and a house to run, no longer involves me personally sitting behind a computer editing images. Since I have turned over that aspect of my business to the professionals, as I call them, the quality of my finished work is higher and more consistent, I have more time for myself and my family, which feeds creativity, but also more time to learn and grow as an artist and business leader.

I have partnered with Photographer’s Edit to offer a discount to other photographers (new and seasoned!) manage the task of editing. If you use referral code ReflQ31PZxV and let them know I sent you, you will receive 50% off your first editing order of $20 or more (that is about an average family portrait session). They will work with you to match not only your individual editing style (they use my custom studio editing preset) but also check out your work and talk to you to embody the feel of your style. Basically… it’s what I’d hoped for all along; it’s as though I cloned a better-at-it version of myself to do the editing 😉

“But it’s so HARD to trust somebody to do my editing!” Oh I know. And occasionally I get a session back and am like, NO. But every time I have voiced my concerns via their easy to use feedback tool (even a few things that were my error, like not choosing to categorize images or not enough black and whites), they fix it on the double.

Give them a try… maybe throw a style shoot or model casting call their way if you’re super nervous but prepare to be amazed (and also get your life back)!



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