Photography Studio Grand Opening Event in downtown Sandy, Oregon January 13 2018!!

Please join Studio 623 Photography for a Grand Opening Ceremony!

See our new photography studio space and onsite hair and makeup studio from Pure Elegance Artistry!

Enjoy delicious snacks from our friends at Busy Bee Catering!

Win gift cards, get coupons for future sessions and other fun prizes!

Sign up for future mentoring classes, workshops, craft nights and more!

Meet some other great businesses in town that we are proud to recommend and partner with as well!


I can’t wait to see you all!



Repost from November 1, 2017……………

I have some big news. HUGE. Big. Huge. News.

I am happy to officially announce, that after over a year of debate, ideas, encouragement, (some doubts), and more encouragement:


I have FINALLY and officially leased a photography studio space in our little town of Sandy, Oregon


Studio 623 Photography

39085 Pioneer Blvd #200

Sandy, OR 97055

A little over 5 years ago, I left my corporate high tech job behind and we moved to the country to be a stay-at-home mom and photographer (the link above will take you to that post and HOLY COW our property looks different back then!!! I need to post some updates!) Our goal was to live a simpler life and to focus on building my photography studio into a thriving business that would support our growing family and allow us the flexibility in our schedule to meet our parenting and life goals. In 5 years time, thanks to the support of my business provided by my amazing and loyal clientele, people who have ultimately been very patient, supportive and kind with me as I have at times stumbled through the formation of a business. I am also very fortunate to have the support of my family, friends, colleagues, and coworkers in everything I do (especially my parents, husband, family and friends) my studio has not just surpassed those goals, but has grown to a point where the time has come where I don’t just want, but actually NEED to expand.

I’ve wanted something bigger and better for my clients for a long time. Something a little more plush than having to meet at a noisy coffee shop to conduct an interview and view bridal albums, or walk through my (lived in by 4 kids- need I say more?!) living and dining rooms to my current in-home studio sunroom for a newborn session. It’s not that my house is all that bad; most people say they enjoy the drive out to our home in the country, but it IS certainly a home before it is a business. (and 4 little kids under 10, 2 large dogs, numerous cats… poultry… we have a farm in the woods where it rains for 9 months out of the year for crying out loud; there’s lot of mud and whatnot). I can’t tell you how many times that dang rooster has started crowing in the middle of a newborn session. It’s like he knows.

The other thing, since I’m being honest, is that working from home has seriously lost it’s luster. I am constantly plugged in so that I can work in little scraps of time (or huge chunks of it); and I have recently had a strong desire as the kids have gotten a little bigger to get ready and “go” to work sometimes. Not all the time, but for a few hours a week. To be able to answer phone calls without hiding in a closet and hissing “just be quiet for a second!” I want to take care of all of my “work” offsite mostly so that I am able to disconnect and to have true days off and let my home become a place sacred to my family and I again. A place where we focus on each other, school, our tasks, goals, and responsibilities. Where I shut off the phone and internet and I don’t feel a single bit guilty about it. I’ll still pick up my camera so I can document it all, but that too is something I hope to work on bringing back without it feeling “work-y.”

While I am beyond thankful for the opportunities provided by having a busy, thriving photography studio, this year more than any other, it has become crystal clear that some changes need to be made.

I NEED to rebalance and restructure.

I am still going to do sessions here at my home farm & garden location from time to time, mostly outdoors in the woods and at the Field & Forest location up the road (stay tuned for some exciting announcements from this exciting new event space!) as well as the other amazing venues I line up seasonally for shoots. In 2018 I hope to visit these (among others):

Studio 623 for Spring Blooms,

Clackamas River Farm in the late summer/early fall

and Mountain View Weddings during the winter Christmas Tree season.

And of course partnering with Field & Forest and offering exclusive photoshoots throughout the year to capture seasonal flowers and weather events.

I will be announcing a seasonal calendar with select photo session dates the week AFTER Thanksgiving 🙂



As you head towards Mt. Hood on Highway 26, it is on the left side of Pioneer Blvd in the AEC building next to Double Dragon (the best Chinese Food ever btw). My office will be inside and up the stairs towards the back, Suite 200! (Maybe I can officially change the name to Suite 623!?! That would be so cool!)

For now, the studio will be open by appointment only, but I will be having some discounted walk ins available during my early “soft opening” pre-grand opening days leading up to the holidays and I would love to see you all at my grand opening in January 2018! (Watch our Facebook page for the linked event).

My amazing friends at Little Red Wagon Rentals are helping me get the space beautifully decorated and ready for the big reveal and I am so pleased to have a few of their rental items on display; and my other amazing friends at Busy Bee Catering will be there with some delicious snacks (pssst: if nothing else, come for that)! I am thrilled to be sharing part of the space with Pure Elegance by Sarahi Welton, and in addition to the above mentioned vendors, will also be offering exclusive products from my amazing friends and business ladies at Boring Goats, BarNone Protein, C.R. Boggs Designs, Defined Designs NW, and Crowned Serendipity Designs among several others who will be linked here on my site as well! I’m also going to have art prints and gift items for sale as well.

(Hey! If you’re a vendor or business and would like to have promotional materials and/or products available to clients in my studio send me a note! 🙂 )

Thank you SO much to all who have been so patient with me over the past few months. I have definitely spread myself too thin as I worked on startup for this alongside my other scheduled work and life load. But as a result, many of my clients/people in my life in general have had to wait much longer than I like, and remind me of things much more often than you should have to. I am SO sorry to anyone who has felt neglected by me. A huge part of my future studio plans will be the implementation of a better system, and much better customer service through the help of collaboration and a referral network with some amazing friendly colleagues of mine in a true showing of community over competition.

To thank you for your ongoing support, ALL of my current clients will receive (likely via email) a coupon towards your first in-studio session or purchase of some of the goodies we’ll have there.

I have so many big plans for this space! From sharing with some fantastic local photographers to providing a true studio experience to the citizens of our town, to providing educational classes and craft workshops featuring photo-centered art; I absolutely cannot wait to see what the future will bring!

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