Country Family Photo Shoot {Family Portraits, Sandy, Oregon}

Last week, I opened my email to find a note from Summer asking about family photos. I won’t try to sugar coat this to save my ego, I about fell out of my chair. First of all, Summer and her family are adorable and every photographer’s dream to have a session with, second, I’ve seen her home before and had been dreaming of taking photos there, literally for years, and third (probably most importantly) she’s pretty much famous in the photographer community for her company Loopsy Daisy, which supplies hats and other newborn props that I and several others in the area use frequently.  In fact, she knows about 50 million other photographers and picked ME. So I was pretty excited :)

They did not disappoint. Her three kids (roughly the same ages as MY three kids), were perfect angels. Absolutely adorable. Mom and dad were lovely and and dad very patiently put up with all of our ideas (it’s pretty fun to “play” during a session with another artist!) Without further ado, enjoy this sneak peek. This session is bursting with cuteness :)

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