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I invite you to head over to Vendors We Love for a comprehensive referral guide to amazing people who we hire in a heartbeat whenever we have the chance. Especially true when you are planning an event, it is important to hire a team of local vendors who know and work well together. We hope you love our recommendations as much as we do!

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I am frequently asked what is in my gear bag and what camera recommendations I may have for certain applications, so I decided to link that information, as well as a few products and items sold exclusively through my studio here on my shop page.

To read about what is in my gear bag, as well as my ongoing saga with gear bags themselves (ugh) check out these articles:

To find out what’s on my Photographer’s Christmas List, click here:

For information about purchasing a beginner level SLR camera click the preceding link.

For some backpacking/outdoor photography tips and shopping lists, refer to this link.

If you are interested in seeing some photography business tools, templates, and other educational material, visit our Photographer Education section here.



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